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Import Outlook mails to thunderbird without Account

I had some outlook backup files and I wanted to open them in Thunderbird. I spent some time figuring out how to do it. So, documenting it here. There might be better ways to do it, but it these steps worked for me.

  1. Convert PST file to MBOX using PST converter tool like libpst (search in your package manager, and you will find it).
  2. Create a folder in your system, this will be used to store the mails.
  3. Copy the MBOX file to the folder you created and if it has a file extension, remove it.(e.g., example.mbx to example)
  4. Repeat the above step if you have multiple .pst files
  5. Add the folder you created to Thunderbird. Settings -> Account Settings-> Account Actions -> Add Local folder
    Screenshot of adding local folder in thunderbird application
    (If you don't see Add Local folder, install LocalFolders Extension).
  6. Close and open Thunderbird, and you should be able to read your Outlook mails.
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Best practices for better websites by Darek Kay

I found Best Practices for Building Better Websites by Darek Kay when going through Coding Otaku's Blogroll, which is very useful for someone like me who started learning website building. I started implementing a few things in my website after reading the blog. Darek has many more interesting blogs on accessibility that I have yet to explore.

Now, I am visiting some awesome websites with web rings and blogrolls that I did not see before with search engine results. It feels like a new world unlocked.

πŸ’­ Thoughts

Mobile View

When I was developing this website, It was a feat to make my website have the same look and feel in mobile or small screen devices as it is on my desktop. I had to compromise and make a few decisions to achieve it (I hope I did).

One day, when browsing, I stumbled upon Eduardo's website. The moment I saw this website, I fell in love with the styles and the colour scheme. It is so soothing, and the feel of the newspaper made me subconsciously immerse in the site. Then I shared it, and the person opened it on a mobile phone, and he did not understand what I was talking about. The mobile view for this site is good, and it is responsive design, but it did not do any justice to the desktop site. I felt sad as many did not experience what I did and might not even know that other version exists.

That day, I realized that many of us might be missing some wonderful things on the internet when we get stuck with small screen devices.

πŸ’­ Thoughts

Organ Donation

I like to believe most people are in favour of organ donation as it can save lives, and if not donated, organs are useless. The fact is, there are always more people waiting for the organs. When I think about it, maybe many support the idea, but because they never got to sign for it, organs are not automatically used to save or improve other lives.

Then comes the debate whether organ donation should be opt-in or opt-out. I might say it should be opt-out, as I can not comprehend why anyone not want to donate after death, but I know there can be reasons beyond my understanding.

So, the only solution is educating and spreading awareness about organ donation and letting individuals decide what is wrong or right for them.

If you support organ donation, not only signing up for it (if you are in a country where it is opt-in), but also talking about it whenever you can, might make a difference that you might not even realize. I wish the government and educational institutes add it to the curriculum so that people can decide early in their life, but as I can not control that, I will do what I can and hope you do what you can.

πŸ“„ Note

Story behind my logo

I use my logo everywhere online as my profile picture, and often people ask me about it. When you look at my logo, it might look like it doesn't have any meaning, but it does!

When I tried to design a logo for my website, I spent a lot of time (I am bad at it), and my best was this cute lion made out of letters in "exeami".
I was very proud of it. But wherever I used it, the details of the logo were not visible.
I was back to square one. I wanted my logo to be noticeable, even in favicon, and represent me.

Loin with letters exeami

After struggling with my logo design skills, I decided to use symbols instead of writing letters.
Here is my logo.

infinity symbol in curley brackets

As you might already know, my name is Amitha which means boundless, limitless or infinite (which can be a perfect symbol for my logo). This is a platform to group my thoughts in one place using code, So the code block {}. Wrapping amitha in code block {∞} is what my logo is. I made some changes to make it look like a person with glasses (maybe it's just for me, as I stared at it long enough and imagined things πŸ˜›), I got my logo. I ended up using it everywhere not just in this website :).

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Comic by Idan Schneider

Comic on stress asking to eat when on deit

Thank you Idan Schneider for the Comic!

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Comic by Andrew

Comic on how we can not take prints if low on one ink

Thank you Andrew for the Comic!

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Comic by Jeff Lofvers

Comic on subscription based buggy software

Thank you Jeff Lofvers for the Comic!

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Comic by Zach Weinersmith

Comic on how surveillance devices marketed as smart devices

Thank you Zach Weinersmith for the Comic!

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