Story behind my logo

πŸ“„ Note

I use my logo everywhere online as my profile picture, and often people ask me about it. When you look at my logo, it might look like it doesn't have any meaning, but it does!

When I tried to design a logo for my website, I spent a lot of time (I am bad at it), and my best was this cute lion made out of letters in "exeami".
I was very proud of it. But wherever I used it, the details of the logo were not visible.
I was back to square one. I wanted my logo to be noticeable, even in favicon, and represent me.

Loin with letters exeami

After struggling with my logo design skills, I decided to use symbols instead of writing letters.
Here is my logo.

infinity symbol in curley brackets

As you might already know, my name is Amitha which means boundless, limitless or infinite (which can be a perfect symbol for my logo). This is a platform to group my thoughts in one place using code, So the code block {}. Wrapping amitha in code block {∞} is what my logo is. I made some changes to make it look like a person with glasses (maybe it's just for me, as I stared at it long enough and imagined things πŸ˜›), I got my logo. I ended up using it everywhere not just in this website :).

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