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πŸ’­ Thoughts

When I was developing this website, It was a feat to make my website have the same look and feel in mobile or small screen devices as it is on my desktop. I had to compromise and make a few decisions to achieve it (I hope I did).

One day, when browsing, I stumbled upon Eduardo's website. The moment I saw this website, I fell in love with the styles and the colour scheme. It is so soothing, and the feel of the newspaper made me subconsciously immerse in the site. Then I shared it, and the person opened it on a mobile phone, and he did not understand what I was talking about. The mobile view for this site is good, and it is responsive design, but it did not do any justice to the desktop site. I felt sad as many did not experience what I did and might not even know that other version exists.

That day, I realized that many of us might be missing some wonderful things on the internet when we get stuck with small screen devices.

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