Import Outlook mails to thunderbird without Account

πŸ“„ Note

I had some outlook backup files and I wanted to open them in Thunderbird. I spent some time figuring out how to do it. So, documenting it here. There might be better ways to do it, but it these steps worked for me.

  1. Convert PST file to MBOX using PST converter tool like libpst (search in your package manager, and you will find it).
  2. Create a folder in your system, this will be used to store the mails.
  3. Copy the MBOX file to the folder you created and if it has a file extension, remove it.(e.g., example.mbx to example)
  4. Repeat the above step if you have multiple .pst files
  5. Add the folder you created to Thunderbird. Settings -> Account Settings-> Account Actions -> Add Local folder
    (If you don't see Add Local folder, install LocalFolders Extension).
  6. Close and open Thunderbird, and you should be able to read your Outlook mails.
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