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This site was my personal website. When I decided to create my own website, I wanted it to be unique and something different from the regular portfolio. Then I decided to make it look like a Desktop, it was a random idea. I had so many plans and ideas with no experience in web development when I started this. It was a great learning experience and I love the look and feel of this site.

I want to make it very similar to my desktop. Trying to fit all the content of my personal site like blogs with the desktop view makes me hide the content which I would prefer to have in home page. So, I decided that it will be better to have some other site for my blogs. Later, it made more sense to make this as a some different project which can expand a lot than confine to my personal content.


As I mentioned, It is a website with the feel of a Desktop. Currently, I have very few features. You can try ls, cd, clear, pwd commands on terminal (planning to add plenty more!). Browse through the Directories and Sub Directories like Home/Documents.

These are the things that are in my road map

  • Various daily life soundtracks in Home/Music Directory, you can use it in games or just enjoy the music.
  • Simple, interesting and engaging web games in Games Directory.
  • Some videos which I find interesting and useful in Home/Videos Directory.
  • Basic Applications such as Calendar, calculator, Text Editor, browser with an application menu.
  • Many more Terminal commands.
  • Better User Experience with custom Themes and backgrounds.


I did this using HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

There is a lot of things I want to implement and will update this once I do that.


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