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Hi πŸ‘‹, I'm Amitha Lingala, aka exeami. I'm a Software Engineer, currently living in London. I enjoy creating stuff, be it a DIY craft that recycles things around the house or some new recipe to try, or code which does cool things. Also, I like things organized and ends up spending a lot of time planning.

I have a very low online presence, you can't find me on Twitter or Instagram or any other social media besides LinkedIn (where I have zero activity), and the best way to know me more is this website.

If you want to contact me, you can email me at contact@exeami.com, and you can also find me on GitHub and LinkedIn!

About this website

This is my personal website, this site is always under development as I am learning and changing things here constantly.

Exeami πŸ€”?

When I decided to make my website, I couldn't figure out what to name it. I wanted something simple, small and with my name in it. After considering a lot of combinations, I felt exeami is perfect as it is unique and available. At that moment, it made a lot of sense, as I took Exe from Executable (I write code and create executables πŸ˜›) and Ami from Amitha.

What's in here?

As I have my personal website now, which is a great platform to share my thoughts on various topics, I will be sharing the things I find interesting. Mostly I will be sharing about Data Privacy, which I feel most important to know and talk about in this digital world. Apart from this, I will write about things that grab my attention.

You can find my blogs which generally are detailed articles and posts which are collection of some quick writings and things I find on the internet. I also have a few of my projects here.

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πŸ“„ Note

STOP Suicide Personal Pledge

I pledge that I will:

  • tell someone if I need help;
  • be aware of the suicide warning signs in others;
  • ask directly about suicide if I’m worried about someone;
  • listen without judgement and do what I can to keep them safe;
STOP Suicide I'd Ask Badge

Source : https://stopsuicidepledge.org/stop-suicide-personal-pledge/

πŸ“„ Note

NextCloud Cookbook

I found NextCloud Cookbook, and it's so easy to organize my recipes now.

I used to bookmark my recipes. Recently, I am trying so many new recipes from online and didn't like the way I am organizing my bookmarks. Then I found nextcloud cookbook. To add a recipe to the collection, all you have to do is paste in the URL of the recipe, it parses and downloads the recipe to your specified nextcloud folder as JSON.

For the cookbook to parse your recipe, it should follow a schema.org recipe format. In my experience, most of the recipe sites are using this schema.

I used Recipe Crawler to parse all my current bookmarks at once and copied to my nextcloud recipe folder. Now, I can filter by tags, categories, they even have Mobile app which made my life easier.

Thank you, Nextcloud Cookbook!

πŸ“„ Note

I bought Kobo Elipsa

I don't want to buy anything unless I feel it's absolutely needed. I believe everyone is trying to sell you something, and it is important to not fall in the trap and become a lifelong consumer (I know I can't avoid it most of the time). This post is mostly to justify myself for buying Kobo elipsa. I bought Kobo elipsa after thinking of buying it for more than 6 months, and it is one of the very few things which did not make me hate myself for buying it.

I like to read, but books are costly and sometimes not accessible to read, maybe due to the size of the book or font. I can buy an e-reader, but I feel my book reading is incomplete if I don't underline the lines I like.

Now, I can download books as PDF or EPUB from Internet Archive, copy to my elipsa and read. Elipsa lets me make notes on my downloaded books, which is not the case for may e-readers out there, which is the reason I picked this.

I have to have a notebook for each purpose, I keep buying notebooks and never feel I have enough. Now, with elipsa I feel so relaxed that I can have a separate notebook for each of my needs, they gave quite few backgrounds for notes which makes it even more helpful.

I think their handwriting to text conversion is good that it was able to convert my bad writing to beautiful notes which is a plus, even though I really don't need this feature.

They have only Dropbox and Google Drive as cloud storage options, I couldn't configure Nextcloud as storage yet.

I got the e-reader, stylus and cover for Β£299. There might be e-reader with the same features out there, I couldn't find anything cheaper than this. Unless, you have similar requirements, I won't recommend buying it.

I will try to write a complete review of Kobo Elipsa after using it for little longer, as of now, I am enjoying my reading and writing on Elipsa.

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