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by Exeami

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I wanted to write and get better at it, so, started this site. In my initial version, I used Bulma framework to make it easier, as in this site, I plan to spend more time on writing than worrying about the layout and styles. After a few months, I ended up customizing most of the styles and was spending a lot of time with making the site look better than writing blogs. Even for a small change in the header, I had to edit multiple files.

So, one day I decided to scrap everything and start again. My plan is to have a script which does most of the work; When I want to write a blog or post, I should just need to create a new file with paragraph tag and add content. Everything should be auto generated for me. Now, for this site, I achieved that. I have the layout, styles and themes, and a script which generates all the pages from templates.


I am using HTML, CSS and JavaScript for this website.

I am suing Handle bars for templates and python script to generate the website content.

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