Golden Shoe

e-commerce website for imaginary shoe company.

by Exeami

html css python javaScript

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I did this to showcase and present a proof of concept for one of my interviews. I did this in very minimal time, but was able to develop many features and was happy about the end product. I did get the offer and also learnt many things during the process.


This is e-commerce website for imaginary shoe company golden shoe.


I used HTML, CSS and JavaScript for Frontend and python flask for Backend.

Some of the features included

  • Responsive Design.
  • Home page with headers for Men, Women, Collection, Contact, Cart, and Login.
  • Attractive home page with rolling banners for new offers, links for new collection and trending shoes.
  • Product page with complete details of Item such as size, colour, price, style and detailed description.
  • Option to select different size.
  • Option to select different colour.
  • Add to cart is enabled only if the Item is in stock.
  • Cart page with complete details of product such as size, colour and style before checkout.
  • Increase the product quantity in cart page.
  • Remove item from the cart.
  • Update the cart total based on items and their quantity.
  • Cart page with add items added, total amount to pay and checkout.
  • Contact page for 24/7 customer service.


Home page
Product Page
Contact Page
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